Welcome to the Mystical Helpdesk where we help you troubleshoot the issues of life through the view of IT Support and Ancient Christian traditions!  

Thank you for joining me on my continued journey in my career in my faith, which I believe go hand in hand.  For eight years I have been working in IT technical support helping people with tech issues, both remote and onsite, and my four-year journey into the Orthodox faith.  Throughout this professional and spiritual journey, I have found where my skills with technology have helped my faith and my faith has helped me support people through the issues they are experiencing better.  So far on this journey, I have been married, had a child, ran for a political office, been divorced, been remarried, and had another child.  What I have seen on this journey so far is that no matter how much you plan for things to go well, life seems to throw obstacles that require troubleshooting or working around.  As I continue on this journey, I would like to invite all of you to join me as I share my thoughts and experiences with the spiritual and the technological.   

On this journey I will be sharing with you my thoughts on:

  • Life experiences, both from personal and professional life
  • Cultural experiences many of us are going through
  • Spiritual sayings and writings
  • Spiritual practices and traditions
  • And hopefully much, much more

My hope is that viewing life through the lens of an ancient faith and a very modern technological lens, we can explore the complexities and nuances of life.  Many of us are going through different struggles and obstacles, sometimes finding it difficult to balance our lives in the modern world with our spiritual lives.  In our journeys and adventures together, I pray that my thoughts on things will help people with the obstacles and struggles they have.  

So pull up a seat, grab some coffee, and keep submitting those tickets as we work through them here at the Mystical Helpdesk!